T&A Property Development LTD

Asaldokht Hotel
  • Total Built Area:  34,000 m2
  • Function: Hotel 
  • Scope of Service : Design and Engineering

Anzali Asaldokht Hotel Project, with more than 120 keys, including guestrooms, suites, and presidential suites in a total built area of 30,000 m2, additional retail areas of 4,000 m2, roof restaurants, and gyms designed beyond the international standards, can appear as a five-star hotel with the best amenities 

In design process of this project, division of the building into a commercial podium and a hotel as well as location of the building on the seaside, lead to the idea of bringing kinetics of the sea waves into the concept. This movement starts in elevation of the hotel building and is visible behind it. The movement is also reflected by the horizontal lines on base of the building. Effect of this movement appears as passage of an external force form one side of the building to the other, which gives an attractive floating sight on the façade.