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Led by and award-winning architectd with over 25 years of expertise in design and construction of iconoic building projects, T&A Property Development LTD is an esteemed RIBA Chartered Practivce. The company offers a wide array of services to both home and business owners, encompassing new development, renovation, extension, loft conversion, interior design and more. 

We are more than just a design firm. We are a creative team that geniunely cares about making your space beautiful and your experience memorable.

Our work processes are uncomplicated and transparent, tailored to the specific requirements of your project, whether it involves an extension or loft conversion, or it is focues on interior design. 

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We are dedicated to turning your property development dreams into reality. As industry leaders in site acquisition, design, and construction, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your unique needs and vision.

Whether you’re looking to create your dream home, develop a commercial property, or embark on a mixed-use project, we are your trusted partner every step of the way.


Discover how we can transform your ideas into stunning realities by viewing our all services. 


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