T&A Property Development LTD


Negin Ofogh Niayesh

Negin Ofogh Niayesh, with a total built area of 230,000 Sqm. consists of four main occupancies including parking, retail areas and office towers.

Opal Food Hall

Opal food hall , with a total area of 2,300 Sqm is developed on the highest floor of an upscale trade center . The mall context consists of spacious retail areas allocated to high-end apparel, cosmetics, and home appliance brands as well as automobile showrooms.

Oopen Restaurant in Ibis Hotel

Oopen Restaurant is a country style restaurant and bistro with capacity of 121 seats in Ibis Hotel (IKIA), where the hotel guests can choose their meal from a selection of pasta and grills, or take refreshment while watching TV show or sports on the designated flat screens.